This is the way lavender should look …a picture of my mom’s lavender that Sage took…the lavender is gorgeous and Sage’s photography is obviously phenomenal.

Today, after watching Bunty’s Blog on Parsley … (Isn’t she wonderful, and don’t you love her accent?), I gained a whole new appreciation for parsley. We have been blessed with an abundance of parsley this year and I have been amazed that it continues to thrive in the HOT greenhouse with no fans running.

You can see what a mess this is. I cleaned it up…picked out all the dried parsley and the weeds and the bermuda grass that was trailing everywhere. I also thinned it a little more where it was too thick. All this time I have been thinking it is going to die any day, but what Bunty said is that it should live on through the summer and even into the winter. We love tabouli around here…

Perhaps, a new Penarious Challenge…parsley please???


8 thoughts on “Parsley

    • Oh…thanks…originally I wanted the photos for a header, and I still might change the theme and use a header…what do you think?

      I’m going to try and get Tera to take some of the parsley, so you can see how much better it looks now.


    • Here are the dimensions and I was wrong you can do a header with this theme…Yay!
      Images should be at least 800 pixels wide. Suggested width is 800 pixels. Suggested height is 216 pixels.


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