A Problem

I’m really having a problem!  What do you do when you want your greenhouse to look like this…

But it looks like this…

Here goes my attempt to solve this problem. Starting with…

1. Rubber Garden Baskets

These are available at THE NEW GENERAL STORE, what a great online store!  And check out their blog…and their collage

2. Metal work table with sink…

Isn’t this a great illustration? It’s from Mother Earth News. This gives me all kinds of ideas. In the picture above she is just using a hose to clean off the veggies, which does away with the need for a faucet.

I think the metal table is beautiful, but I think I can make due with the wooden work bench…

This looks pretty nice. Perhaps I could add a bottom shelf to mine and even an upper rack. This bench new costs about 300 dollars from The Backyard Gardener.

And here is a really nifty money saver…a bench with just a hole cut in it and a bucket underneath…from instructables.

Definitely not as attractive, but then I got the idea of a terra cotta pot sink…

Why not? It already has a hole in the bottom…it’s beautiful and it only costs about 15 dollars. If I cut a round hole in the workbench for the bowl and place a bucket underneath or attach a hose to the drainage hole I think it would work perfectly.

Here’s another beautiful work station I stumbled across at Women Who Run With Delphiniums……

But what really got my attention is her greenhouse Wow!  It inspires me to work on the outside of my greenhouse, but I’ll save that for another day. : )

So I will forgo the metal bench and a faucet and use the terra cotta sink and some plywood for a shelf underneath to place my nifty rubber baskets on. I’m saving so much money!!!

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4 thoughts on “A Problem

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  2. I am also a fan for mother earth news. We bought a poly-tunnel this year but we have not made beds in it or make a table like you picture. We too are still trying to figure out how to use the space inside as effeciently as possible.

    I like your money saving ideas. I figure we have all winter to dream and design the inside during the cold winter months. I hope you continue to post your solutions for your green house. I could use any tips that you have


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