I had no idea how much information there is on asparagus until I searched images. There are even whole websites devoted to just this plant, like

I love asparagus and this spring I planted two long rows, one of green and one of purple. We (Anna and me) lovingly covered the ground around the baby asparagus stalks with hay from the old goat barn. It was a chore and I hope it was worth it. But while we were gone for 3 weeks, Bermuda grass crept in and now we have a total mess to deal with!

This morning I set the sprinkler in this bed to get it really moist so hopefully the weeds will come out easier. This evening when it is cool, I hope we can get this chore done and tomorrow I’ll post a picture of the results.


3 thoughts on “Asparagus

    • Well…we had some really nice company over last night and we talked until dark…

      This morning we (Anna and me) went and weeded over at Karen’s…I did work a little in the asparagus when I got back…but it’s still not ready…

      TOMORROW or maybe even the next day… ; )


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