My seeds came in the mail, and I am so excited about planting them for the fall…

But…the next 10 days are showing temperatures of over 100 degrees, and no rain in sight, so how are my little seedlings going to do in that extreme heat and dryness? Well, I’m going to try, otherwise this fall gardening thing will fail.

I planted seeds of Little Fingers Eggplant and Bennings Green Tint Scallop Squash, small squashes that will be mature in September. That should work.

I also planted dwarf Bok Choy, spinach and radishes. So, we’ll see how they do…I’ll have to diligently water at least twice a day.

I’m sure you are all curious as to how the asparagus project is coming along. This morning I rewatered the patch and weeded quite a bit more…with Anna and Tera’s help at different times, it is about 2/3rds weeded now. My advice is NEVER…EVER…EVER…let the weeds take over your asparagus bed! Especially Bermuda grass…it is very difficult to pull out!!!

Found this wonderful video about asparagus by our dear Bunty… She has great advice!

Tomorrow, hopefully I’ll have a picture of a beautiful asparagus bed. : )


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