So, now what am I dreaming about?

This is what happens when I’m holed up in my cave and I can’t go out because there are monstrous chiggers lurking around every corner…atop every leaf…I start dreaming…

But don’t you love the rocks around this bed??? I love rocks!!!

You can see more about this beautiful greenhouse landscape here.

5 thoughts on “Greenhouse

  1. I spent all day in the spa. Almost all day, anyway.

    I was supposed to be cleaning it…but a neighbor stopped by and we talked for about an hour, I think. Then I spent three hours talking to someone else while I was sitting on the side of the spa this afternoon. It’s clean now, and refilling. I think the spa is a chigger-free zone. I hope it is. 😉


    • I hope so too! Oh, and go to my wordpress blog for today and look at the link. I think you will be blessed!

      Who was the 3 hour conversation with? The same person you had the other 3 hour conversation with or someone else? Am I nosy, or what?

      And what do you think of the rocks? I think I need to bring a bunch home with me from up there next time.


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