I have a Bumble Bee in my garden…and I’m so excited about it!!! I know that there are probably more than one, but  I’ve only seen one at a time visiting. It’s hard to get pictures of bees. So I borrowed one…

Last year I saw no bees in the garden and I was very concerned that some of the plants wouldn’t get pollinated. The temps were really high last year and there was a bit of a drought which can be very harmful to bees, but also on a worldwide scale the bees are having trouble. And trouble for the bees is trouble for the gardens…

There is also another strange looking bee-wasp-hornet in the garden. It took me hours today searching online to figure out what it was, but I think it is a cicada killer…

Which makes sense as the cicadas are out in full force. These guys are a little scary to me as they are about 2 inches long and I really wanted to know what they were so that I could protect myself, but apparently they won’t bother you, they are just out to get the cicadas.

“Eastern cicada killers (Sphecius speciosus) are the large wasps which dig burrows each summer in well-drained lawns, playing fields, plant nurseries and sloping terrain with varying amounts of grass east of the Rocky Mountains in the US and south into Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. They begin their excavations a few weeks after our annual cicadas start singing.” ~ Prof. Chuck

I’m comforted to know that they rarely sting, and they are the natural predators to keep the cicada population in control.

Thought you might enjoy this rendition of The Flight of the Bumblebee to celebrate our little friend…

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