Squash Bugs

Last night I went to set the sprinkler out in the garden and I walked around to see how all the little seedlings were doing.  I noticed that the zinnias were looking absolutely gorgeous, so a grabbed the garden sheers and commenced to cut a beautiful bouquet…

And what to my horrified eyes did appear???  Squash bugs all tucked into the beautiful green leaves of  healthy zinnias, as though they were lounging around on vacation at a  luxurious resort. There must have been 30 of them, but it seemed like hundreds!!!
Of course…I always get the creepy crawlies…the heeby jeebies…whatever you want to call them and I went to my husband with the problem.
Exclaiming with eyes wide in horror,” There are tons of squash bugs luxuriating in the zinnias waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on the  little unsuspecting baby cucumber vines lying a few feet from them!”

He answered, “Well, what do you want me to do about it?  Look it up on the internet and see if there is anything we can spray on them.”
So I did…and here is one site I found, someone who could sympathize…and with beautiful photography as well…The Zinnia Patch She says that her beautiful flowers helped her to appreciate the look of her garden from far away where you can’t see the dead bug-eaten plants.

But I wanted to prevent that…so I found out that you have to go hand pick them, “Yuck!!!!!!”And spray dish soap diluted in water on them. I told my charming husband and he sort of rolled his eyes. After a hard days work and a nice shower, I knew he did not want to contend with this.
I rolled up my sleeves and put on my determination, yanked on my garden gloves, grabbed  the dish soap and headed over to handle this myself. My plan was to fill a bucket of soapy water and shake the squash bugs off the zinnias into the soapy death trap waiting to engulf them, and that way I wouldn’t have to touch them!
After I got everything ready, I heard the distant sound of the tractor…my husband coming to the rescue. He had a squirt bottle and we began our project which didn’t work as planned. It was hard to get the bugs to hit the target and they would fall to the ground and I would have to chase after them…

And then the SWATF team (Sisters With Amazing Tenacity and Fortitude)  came one by one armed with cups and scissors. Sarah with her soapy water in a glass jar raked in the most by far, Anna attacked with the scissors cutting the little monsters in half…Tera got two in her red plastic cup and then freaked out when she saw one fly and jumped out of the garden, but cheered us on from the sidelines. And we did it!!! I think we got everyone of them.
This morning when I went to check the garden, they were still floating in the bucket, an ominous warning to any more squash bugs that have the idea of leisurely living in our garden. I did find one more on the zinnias and a couple on the cucumber plants that I quickly plopped in with the rest.
What I’m going to have to watch for now are any eggs under the leaves…

And I’m going to spare you from seeing what the bucket looks like by not posting a picture of it.

But I did capture our sweet little bumble bee this morning…on film that is…


10 thoughts on “Squash Bugs

  1. Funny how much I could laugh while reading this…even if I was the SWATF who wimped out : rolls eyes and blushes: sorry Mom…I really had the best of intentions to help.
    Go MOM!!!
    Love the way you wrote this…way more clever than those disgusting creatures spark in me!


    • You should have seen me this morning, Tera…I freaked out just like you did and I couldn’t even make myself go back anymore. Sorry, to say this, but if these bugs persist…they might just win. : (


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