Cicada Killers

Cicada Killers…I mentioned this wasp-like insect in my post about Bees. They have been very busy in my garden and I no longer consider them friends. My garden has turned into a literal mine field, because this is what they do…

And if you step on one of these holes you endanger the wrath of the female. Supposedly she can sting, but it doesn’t hurt very much, but you know what???
I don’t want to try it out!!!

Here is what my garden looks like right now…


The males can not sting at all, but they buzz around like they want to attack and they just freak me out. So, I’m taking the advice of Prof. Chuck and I’m going to eliminate these critters. Here is what he recommends…

“Here is what I say to those who ask me how to deal with cicada-killers on their properties:

I have two suggestions. First, you can swat and kill the wasps very easily with a badminton racquet (not a sword, which Swift’s Gulliver is using on the right to dispatch the Brobdingnabian wasps that tried to steal his breakfast sweetcake) and, if you like, call it aerobic exercise. Most of the wasps you see in July are males and they can’t sting because they use what would be the stinger for sex. Just ten males flying around waiting for the females to hatch can look like 50; wade into them with the racquet and they’ll disappear quickly. The same is true for female wasps. I have caught, tagged and released over 1000 cicada-killers, and never has one tried to land on me and sting. My second suggestion involves water – lots of it. The wasps use your property because it is well-drained and not likely to flood their burrows. Use a hose to convince them otherwise. Try keeping the areas where they dig nests much wetter than usual – fill the burrows with water, plug them with a short length of stick, wash away the piles of dirt surrounding them and keep the area wet. My guess is that you’ll break the cycle. Good luck! ” ~  Prof. Chuck Holliday

Tomorrow is D-Day…I’ll let you know how it turns out…

5 thoughts on “Cicada Killers

    • Underneath the cucumbers and around and about the carrots there are still remembrances of these cicada killer mounds. The killers are all gone now. Partly because we killed most of them, but they only come out for 2 months and their time has come to an end. Strange creatures in God’s garden…


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