Sail-back Dinosaur Bug (Wheel Bug)

Can you believe this? My lovely garden blog has turned into a blog about awful insects…I should have titled it Cicada Killers, Dinosaur Bugs and Chiggers…

A dear friend stopped by the other day and when we were telling him about our woeful situation in the garden with the squash bugs, he ever so gently informed us that these may not be squash bugs , but in actuality a friendly sort of  bug that kills and devours other insects…
I almost posted this question the other day, but it sounded so absurd that I refrained from embarrassing myself with my gardening ignorance, but today I know why this appeared strange to me. My question…Do squash bugs eat wasps and bees? Now I know the answer, squash bugs most definitely do not kill bees, but their look-likes the Dinosaur bugs do!

So, we have done a very effective job of ridding our garden of  helpful Dinosaur bugs!

Except when I found out that their sting can be worse than a bee sting… then I was glad we killed them! I really don’t care to have them in my garden.
Oh…what a paradise it would be to have a garden that was pest free, dream on…I think I will always be dreaming…
The on-going war with the cicada killers is still in full swing. Last night at dusk I carried over a large pot of boiling water and poured it down each newly dug hole. There were two killers flying around me like crazy…buzzing their heads off, and as I hurriedly left the garden one followed me.

They hate me…I hate them…The war goes on!!!
And my bee…RIP :’ (          Sad to say, I have not seen him since the horrible sight the other day when he was in the clutches of the…Sail-back Dinosaur Bug.


6 thoughts on “Sail-back Dinosaur Bug (Wheel Bug)

  1. I can sympathize! Bugs are the only things I don’t like about summer. I’ve had aggressive big wasps chase me into my garage or bump into my arm! Now that Fall is here, I get a reprieve: NO BUGS! I hate them too! I’ll miss the birds, especially the rarely appearing hummingbirds but I won’t miss the bugs. Ugh!


    • This was a couple of years ago. To be honest we are not having the problems with all the bugs that we had before. I think it was due to the drought. Everything was dry and hot around us, except where I watered, so in they came…probably from miles around. Thanks for commenting…this took me back, and made me thankful for the wonderful weather we are having now. 🙂


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