Cuttings of Rosemary and Lavender

My project this morning was to take cuttings of Rosemary and Lavender and grow them in this fantastic terra cotta pot.

I learned this nifty way of multiplying plants from the Bunty video on my first blog post about Lavender…

This is why this pot is so fantastically unique…

Because it is literally falling apart! But I love it!

I planted half of the pot with Rosemary cuttings…

And half with Lavender cuttings…

Speaking of literally falling apart…look at what my son was going to haul off to the trash, but instead I am reclaiming it for my new garden workbench…

I know this is hard to imagine, especially with this…

But my idea is to pull this metal off and sand down the gorgeous old wood and cut a hole for the terra cotta sink and I’m on my way to my dream…fixing my Problem. : )

Take a look at what someone did with this old table…I’m really not crazy…

Modern 50

7 thoughts on “Cuttings of Rosemary and Lavender

    • Glad you brought that up! I wouldn’t have seen it underneath all the junk on the trailer you were hauling, but being that you had to bring it back by itself…I couldn’t miss it. That makes me even feel more blessed. It’s so incredible to think that Yahweh will provide, even the little things if we just wait and trust and believe.


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