More on the Problem

Mother Earth News has some great advice to help with this Problem of mine…

“The most deluxe garden work stations include a secondhand sink, or you can fill a big bucket, tub or wheelbarrow with several inches of water before you start picking. Use this water to dunk or swish freshly harvested salad greens or other vegetables before giving them a second cleaning in a colander.

Thrift stores are great places to find other items that make harvesting go fast, such as old steak knives and a large cutting board.  When you have a cutting board, knives, a work surface, water and a disposal site staged in the garden, you will be less likely to bring mud-caked radishes or gritty greens through the kitchen door.”

I did buy a beautiful terra cotta planter to use for a sink …

And I’m sure I can find an old cutting board and  knife, but my real find was a rod and S hooks and some containers to hang from it that I bought at IKEA

I’m still working on the worktable. The hole is cut out for the sink. My husband has an old faucet he is going to rig up for me, and it’s all coming along…slowly, but surely. Nothing exciting to look at yet, but here is a picture of where we are at now…

And here are the beds that we planted all the fall seeds in…

I think some hanging plants would really spruce up the work station. Hopefully, it will be finished soon and in working order for our fall harvest.


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