Seeds Sprouting Up All Over

The seeds are sprouting and Anna thinned the row of Brussels sprouts… so exciting!!!

I harvested some carrots, one beet and some radishes and we tried out the sink for the first time…

Anna cut the stems…

and washed the veggies right there in the greenhouse…

Did you notice the cool faucet…totally free…it was a left over from a remodel job…so cool!

We also found aphids and squash bugs on some of the pumpkin leaves. Anna bravely picked the leaves and dropped them in a bucket while I sprayed with an organic pyretheum insect killer…

But what really works is this…

I sprayed it in the bucket and filled the bucket with water and the squash bugs are gonners…

A new kind of bee has appeared in the pumpkin patch…

I hope it’s a nice one. From what I have read it is hard to tell the difference between a honey bee and a killer bee…


2 thoughts on “Seeds Sprouting Up All Over

  1. EEEEEE!!!!!! I am SO excited for you!!!! The sink is amazing! The faucet was free!!! You are making your dream greenhouse and that is SUPER!!!

    When are you coming to help me with my potting shed and…stuff???? 😉


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