Do Squirrels Eat Baby Pumpkins?

This morning I walked over to the garden to water the seedlings in the greenhouse and take a peek at the little pumpkins to see if they had grown any. The bees were buzzing away, and all seemed well…but where was that little pumpkin that had greeted me so sweetly for the last week??? Well, maybe I’m just not remembering right…maybe it’s that other one over there I thought to myself as I looked at the empty stalk sticking up with nothing on top.

I walked home thinking how strange this was. I saw no sign of turkeys messing the mulch, or deer paw marks, or armadillo holes and then it dawned on me…

SQUIRRELS… Could it be??? I thought about it all day and then I looked up my lame question…Do squirrels eat baby pumpkins?  Yes, they do and here is what you do to get them to stop eating them…RED PEPPER SPRAY

Recipe for Red Pepper Spray Squirrel Repellent —powered by

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