Three Lovely Ladies or Not?

On my way to the garden over across the little wooden bridge I was greeted by three lovely ladies…

They stand there so elegantly…tall and straight as if they learned to stand upright by placing a book on top of their heads. They look as if they want to reach out and grasp my hand and tell me lovely stories…

Well, they don’t!  DON’T BELIEVE THEM!!!  Not for a minute….What they really want to do is wag and shake their plumed-top tresses in the wind and fill the air with miniscule balls of yellow fluff that will drift up your nose and into your eyes and drive  a person nearly insane…or at least send them running as swiftly as they can go with their itchy, teary eyes to the Kleenex box.

This, my dear ones, is RAGWEED!  BEWARE!   They are not what they appear to be. And that is a lesson for life, you know. Things are not what they seem.

I still walk by them when I walk to the garden…It’s really not their fault. They are just being what they were created to be…Be thankful if they do not bother with you…they really, really like me a lot. ;’… (

Meanwhile in the garden…It is the first week of September and  I’m placing pieces of cardboard under each pumpkin when they are about 6 inches across…

They are getting a little more orange as they grow and I’m still spraying them with Red Pepper Spray to deter the squirrels…Seems to be working.

For a flash of color, check out the Purple Hyacinth Beans…

Just a gorgeous shade of purple…

The sprouts in the greenhouse are coming right along…And the parsley is magnificent…

I can’t wait for you to check out my new dream project….Chickens and Chicken Coops. : )

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