Oh, bother!

“Oh, bother!”, said Pooh…

Why bother?, said I…

Here we go again, just when I thought we had a time of peace and enjoyment along comes this little pest…

At first I noticed half of a bed of lettuce was nibbled up, and I thought maybe a rabbit had gotten in the hoop house. I closed up the door and made sure no critter could enter from the outside, and left for the weekend. When I returned every piece of lettuce was totally eaten and whatever it was had started on the bok choy. Obviously this critter was inside the hoop house…Anna’s great eyes and careful observation detected these small cabbage worms. How can they cause so much destruction so quickly?

I found some info on this site SMC Organic Garden

This is what Anna and I did… We weeded the beds and watered them down with mineral water and then sprinkled diatomaceous earth (DE) all over the plants…

More information on DE at Rich Soil…I’ll let you know how it works.


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