Spotted Cucumber Beetles

Just when I think things are calming down in the garden, just when we have had some wonderful rain showers that have finally moistened the drought encrusted  ground…in come the Cucumber Beetles…

They seem to love the yellow pumpkin flowers…

Which makes sense that Mother Earth News recommends yellow sticky traps…so here we go again. I need to buy a good supply of these. They also said poultry works well. If we had our chickens I’d let them have a heydey in the garden today! Instead I sprayed them all with Dawn dish soap and I don’t think that is going to faze them.

Almost ready to harvest our first pumpkins and post a picture of them next to the mums by the front door…but until then here is a picture of the beautiful fall wreath we made…borrowed from Tera’s blog Color 365

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