Kale and Colors

Today I pulled out the scraggly green pepper plants and the Purple Hyacinth Bean vine that had entwined itself all over the sundial and the cages surrounding the peppers.

Then I made a new bed for some little lettuce plants that I started in the greenhouse.

The plants in the green house are looking great…

The kale is at a really good size to cut with scissors, so new leaves will grow…

Here’s a little video on how to cut your kale…

It is so gorgeous outside today. The yellow leaves are falling all around and leaving a golden carpet beneath the shadowy trees…

Looking up the golden hued leaves against the blue background of the sky reminds me of the Swedish flag…

I love the different colors of the plants…

The greens…

The purples…

The oranges…

The yellows…

I posted another addition to Fall Gardening called Fall Gardening 3 ~ First Frost.

If anyone is interested in free Purple Hyacinth Bean seeds to plant for next year, I would be glad to send them or give them to you. Just leave me a comment.

They are really incredibly beautiful vines and one of the most proficient plants in the garden this year. Just wish we could eat them. : )

Doesn’t this look like the most wonderful path to walk on? It’s just next door. : )


15 thoughts on “Kale and Colors

    • Hi Sharon…I love that you are commenting here…I had no idea you were reading my posts. How fun! 🙂

      I do think they will grow in Denver. If I were you I would start the seeds inside in March or April, so they have a good start. And then plant them somewhere that they can climb. We probably won’t be up to Colorado until next year sometime, but to be sure you get them before planting time let me send you some. I’ll send you an email so you can send me an address.

      And we will definitely have to get together the next time we’re up there. 🙂


  1. Beautiful pictures , and your plants in the greenhouse look great! I’m really enjoying your blog as well, greenhouse gardening is new to me so love to see what others are doing, whether they work or not …I can relate to the lettuce growing or not growing so well, only one plant grew for me this year thanks to some grubs and it tasted terrible!


    • Thank you, Thelma… Tera showed me pictures of your beautiful garden and she told me you were working on a blog. I am excited to see it. This is all such a learning experience. This log is like a journal to me…I’ll be able to come back to it next year and hopefully do better. Don’t you just hate grubs!!!


  2. Everything looks so lovely! And I already have my bean seeds, thanks to you. I think Sharon should come pick them up. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a visit? 😉

    Beautiful post, Mom!

    My lettuce is growing, but something out there really likes baby, baby, baby beets and collards. *sigh* I knew this would happen. Oh well…looking forward to lettuce!


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