I am happy to know that my Welsummers, or Wellies are the breed of choice  according to an article in My Pet Chicken. It was nice to read such good things about these wonderful hens…

Wellies are aggressive foragers. Plus, the hens are a heathery brown with reddish hackles, camouflaged so they are hard for predators to spot in the brush.  Welsummers lay large, chocolate brown eggs with speckles, so even the eggs have camouflage. The hens are very good layers, too, laying four or more eggs a week. They can do well in both heat and cold. They do occasionally go broody (although not so often that you’ll be fighting to get them back to laying again)… and they’re among the sweetest birds in my flock, to boot.

  • Aggressive forager? Check
  • Natural camouflage? Check
  • Cold tolerant? Check
  • Heat tolerant? Check
  • Good layer? Check
  • Large eggs? Check
  • Will raise chicks? Check
  • Can avoid predators? Check.

The hens are finally free range. : ) It took awhile for them to get past the fence, but they did prove themselves to be aggressive foragers when Attila the Hen finally lead the Wellie sisters out of the cattle panel pen into the open forage…

You can tell which one is Attila…she has a weird feather sticking out on her side…I tried for days to get them out into the green grass pasture, but they were very cautious.

Loving the green…

Finally they all followed…

Attila ventures further around to the other side of the barn…

And while I was going through all these pictures to post…look what I found…

That is a very cool pic, don’t you think?  I got it totally by accident. Have you ever noticed when the hens are preening themselves their eyes are closed? This is Hendrika, she is the Wellie with the darker feathers on her neck…

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