Fresh Salad in November

I have so neglected my garden journal being busy with all the chicken stuff. Tonight, though, I have to share with you the salad from the greenhouse that we are having for dinner…

Fresh red and green lettuces…kale and spinach…

A little parsley sprinkled on top with the edible pansies…

Looks scrumptious…doesn’t it?

So, what else is happening out in the garden…

The bok choy is getting bigger all the time and variegated nasturtiums which are not flowering yet…I can’t remember if you can eat the leaves???

The tomatoes have tiny yellow flowers on them… they survived the freeze…I put another layer of plastic around them and they did fine…

Outside the greenhouse the cabbages are beginning to look like they are starting to head…

Unfortunately the cauliflower died in the freeze. I didn’t realize they were not as hardy as the cabbage, so next year I’ll have to be sure and cover them.

And here is what the chickens got for their dinner salad… ; )

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