The Cat…

How do I describe this cat…

BLACK…definitely black. The first time I saw him he was looking right through the living room window at me.  The second time he was on the total other side of the house peering through the kitchen window. He just sits there and stares with his PIERCING EYES…

He’s ELUSIVE and you feel like he’s STALKING you…

He also visits the chicken coop, which has me very concerned.

Today I was walking to the greenhouse when I spied him running up to the garden before me. I ignored him and he disappeared into the thick undergrowth of the woods. As I was walking back I saw him again, but this time he was headed in the opposite direction toward the chicken coop. I decided to run at him as fast as I could to possibly scare him away for good. I kept my eyes on him the whole time, except for one split second while I leaped over the bridge…I looked up and he had totally disappeared! I quickly looked around in all directions and the cat was no where…NO WHERE…unbelievable!

This is the cat that is LURKING STEALTHILY around our property and I’m concerned!


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