It’s November 25 today and I found a surprise in the garden…

Yes, a gigantic radish!  The one that is next to it is a large one, maybe as big as a golf ball, so hopefully you can see how big it is. We ate it in our salad tonight along with a beautiful head of bok choy.

Today I completely thinned out the kale, and I might be having a bit of a problem with some kind of disease…fungus or mold…I’m not sure. Tomorrow I plan to clean up the bed by weeding it really well. I hope the kale will survive.

Sage gave me some grape tomatoes that a neighbor grows up in Arkansas with the instructions to throw them out into the garden and then stamp them down into the soil with my shoes. I did that today and I’m hoping that next year we’ll have an abundance of these thriving tomatoes.

And…there is a tiny tomato growing on the tomato plant in the hoop house…I’m amazed for there is no heat in there. When it is predicted to freeze I just wrap some plastic around the plant. It is still alive and well. Yay!

Found this cool site today for gardeners…Smart Gardeners

Check it out…you can make a garden plan for free and obtain lots of info about gardening.

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