Heritage Chickens

I ran across an ad the other day that caught my attention…

Fresh chicken eggs for sale. Our chickens are free-range, and fed an all natural grain diet with lots of fruits and vegetables daily! Also, our chickens are Heritage Chickens of various breeds, many of which are on the Critically Endangered species list…so by buying local you also help preserve breeds which would otherwise be lost.

Now my curiosity is peeked! These are not just ordinary chickens, there is something unique about these particular breeds…Heritage Chickens

Now, if you have been reading my posts, you know that I am bent on having dark brown chocolate colored eggs, that I found out come from French Marans, and blue eggs that come from Aracaunas.

These lovely eggs are from Heritage Hen Farm.

But now I see that there is so much more to know…a whole new world opening up to me…

The eggs in the photo above are from Heritage Hen Farm, an amazing little farm in Florida that sells all kinds of good food including organic eggs and raw milk at their little stand…

This photo was from an article about the farm by The Palm Beach Post.

But now  look what Neiman Marcus is selling as their 2012 Fantasy Gift made by these people at Heritage Hen Farm…a  $100,000  chicken coop…

Who would have ever thought???

You can read more about this Beau Coop at Neiman Marcus.

More on Heritage Chickens to come… 🙂


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