Meet Mara

When I went out to pick up my French Cuckoo Marans chicks,  I asked the owner if he had any laying hens for sale and he told me he had 4 Welsummer hens. I decided to go ahead and buy them. He showed me around his barnyard and pointed out a French Cuckoo Marans hen and we ended up bringing her home too. He told me these hens were moulting, but they should begin laying again when they were done.

Meet Mara…our French hen…

Mara 1

When I got her home I was concerned about her comb which obviously plops to the side and is not a healthy red color…


I looked it up on line and found someone who said not to be concerned if she was otherwise healthy.

Lately I have a new perspective of Mara. She is like a French hen with a beret…

Mara 3

Kind of like  this lovely young French lady with her red beret…


When Mara starts laying  again, perhaps her comb will turn a darker red. : )  Mara also has feathery feet…

Mara 4

She really is a great hen and hopefully she will be the first one to lay those dark brown chocolate colored eggs.  Hopefully soon!


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