The Marans Gang and Walking Up the Plank

maran 1

What kind of expression do you think this little cockerel is giving me?  This is the one that pecks me when I go to pick up all the chicks because they won’t go up the ramp themselves.

Did you notice the feathery feet?  I read that feathers on the legs have been bred out of the Marans in the U.S. and Britain. That’s how we can tell that these are truly the French Marans.

But I’ve been having  some problems of late with these little Frenchies, these little French Cuckoo Marans chicks that refuse to walk up their ramp  into the cozy little room upstairs with the nice roosting perches that they are supposed to love so much.

This one seems just a little curious about the ramp…

maran 2

I think this is a female for she is so much sweeter than the one in the first picture. Each one is beginning to have their own unique  personality and coloring.

Every day I bring them sprigs of green grass. They love it. Here they are waiting as I approach the door…


maran 3

Loving the grass treat…Notice how one of them has brown feathers starting around the neck.

maran 4

So while they were occupied pecking at the grass, I cleaned off the ramp. I have heard of two ways to make the ramp less slippery and easier for their claws to grip. One was putting carpet on the ramp and the other was painting the ramp with paint that has sand mixed into it. I decided to try the second option first, since I have lots of sand easily accessible from our volleyball court.


The ramp after I cleaned it…


My husband told me it would be easier to paint the ramp and then sprinkle sand over it. So that’s what I did.



So here it is…nothing fancy… 🙂  But will it work?


Tonight when I went to the coop after dark to see if they went up the plank… Haha…what am I thinking??? They were all huddled together in the corner…

maran 5

Giving me that look. But I did put two of them high on the ramp and they hopped inside, then I just gathered the rest up and put them to bed. Tomorrow we are going to walk the plank, right gang???


11 thoughts on “The Marans Gang and Walking Up the Plank

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  2. Who knew?? I don’t remember Jesse having so much drama in the hen house when he was raising chickens. But I don’t think he had the “mother hen” syndrome. He thought all you had to do was sing to them….and carry the rooster around on his shoulder. Remember that? 😉


    • I was thinking that very thing this morning as I walked up from the coops after opening up the doors. I just don’t remember any of the boys having these issues taking care of their hens and chicks. What’s up with that?

      Do you remember how John called the chicken coop the ick and poop? I’m cleaning the ick and poop today. lol


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