A Helping Hand

My daughter so graciously went down to the coop with me to train the chicks to go up the ramp. I waited until after dark again hoping they would go up to the light, but we found them huddled in the corner as before…


It was really dark outside…the only way I could take a picture was with the flash and because they are so darkly colored it was hard to see them.

My daughter set each one on the plank as I took pictures and with a little coaxing they actually did pretty well…

up the ramp1

And here are the last ones getting a little boost to the top…

up the ramp2

And when we had closed the ramp and peeked in the little window door to see how they were doing…we found a little surprise…


One of them was actually looking like it was going to roost…Yay!!!

Update: It’s two days later and tonight when my daughter went to put them away, all had gone up into the coop, but 3 … Another YAY!!!

7 thoughts on “A Helping Hand

    • I guess it just takes a little patience on our part. I thought it was interesting that it was the same three chicks that hesitated so long in coming out of the coop into the run in the first place that are now left behind going up the ramp at night. They must have been the last eggs to hatch in the batch???


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