Winter Reds and Greens and Blues

Journal for the garden in December…

I have lots of baby  red lettuce to make beautiful winter salads with…

winter reds

Just picked this out of the green house along with a large bok choy and parsley…yes, there still is a lot of parsley, just unbelievable!

I sprinkled some sulfur in the beds, because there was a little mold or fungus forming on the base of some of the plants. Sulfur is a fungicide, a pesticide, and a nutrient. See What Is Sulfur Powder Used For?

I keep it around because it is supposed to kill chiggers, so I heard that if you sprinkle it on your shoes and pants before you go out into the grass in the summer you won’t have to worry about those awful chigger bites.

While I was looking up sulfur I found some interesting information…


These are bright yellow sulfur piles in Vancouver Harbor, Canada. I’ve never been to Vancouver, so I had no idea these existed. Sulfur is a byproduct of petroleum production.

Here is an artist’s portrayal of the site…


From Laura’s Art Gallery

Laura Zerebeski’s depiction of  familiar Vancouver landmarks is fascinating! Click on the link above to see more of her paintings and to read what she has to say about  her paintings.

Anna also rototilled a new bed above the asparagus for the pumpkin patch next year… but more on that later…


6 thoughts on “Winter Reds and Greens and Blues

  1. Love the picture of your salad, yum!! ! I have seen these sulpher piles but only from a distance while driving by, I dont get to Vancouver very often, its a huge city, The pictures are really lovely considering its so industrial. I really enjoyed reading your links about them as well, I’ve rarely used sulpher but will pick some up, always appreciate a organic solution. 🙂


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