The Chicks Coming Out

Today I planted a large Ornamental grass in an old pot that was left over from one of my son’s landscaping jobs. I put it near the entrance to the big hens’ coop to provide a little more sheltered feel for them.


I knew I would be down in the coop area for awhile working on the plant, and that it would be a good time to let the chicks out for the first time to meet the older hens…so I opened their door wide and watched to see what they would do…

coming out

Two began to cautiously come out…the others watched and waited before they braved the new territory…


Then they all came out and things got pretty exciting…


Above  you can see Mara with her beret studying all that is going on…

And below the Welsummers keeping an eye on things…

keep an eye copy

Attila the  Hen really kept the chicks in line, but the one hen that really surprised me was the Barred Rock. She acted like a very strict mother hen and herded all the chicks right  back into their coop…

herding copy

going in

And she went in herself and that was that!  I chased her back out, but I was amazed at how she rounded those chicks up.

Oh, and did I tell you how frustrated I am with these chicks. They went up the ramp once or twice and now they refuse to go up again. My husband said that we should have built the coop on the ground. I have seen so many coops built off the ground with ramps going up that I thought it would be fine. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

After their little run outside the chicks  looked all tired out…


Mara enjoying the shelter of the new plant…

Mara again

And one last fuzzy out of focus picture that I just think looks cool… 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Chicks Coming Out

  1. It may just take a little time. If they are going to start staying out during the day, just make sure they have access to water and feed in the run, an area for shade, and check on them come time to go to bed. If they still haven’t gone inside, just pick them up and put them in. It may happen quickly or it may be a drawn out process but eventually they will understand how and when to go inside. 🙂


  2. I love this post. That is the next scary step for me is letting them out with the big girls. Of course, first I need to know when mama hen will want to leave them. That is actually probably my next anxious moment. Me getting that right – LONG before I think to let the chicks out. How old are your chicks?


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