Three Cheers for the Marans Gang

I am so proud of my chicks!!! This is the 4th night in a row that they have gone up the ramp by themselves!  I’d say they have accomplished this feat, and I really don’t know if they just did it themselves when they were ready, or if we helped at all by trying to show them???

Now for more coop news and revelations…

I have realized that there are lots of fun and games going on with all the chickens. One of these games is ” Whoever Gets to the Top Roost First ~ Wins”…

first one gets the top

I was down at the coop at about 4 o’clock to let the little chicks out to run and play and get friendlier with the big hens, when all of a sudden there was a huge flurry and dash to the big hen house. I heard all kinds of noise going on and realized this is why they roost so early…they all want to get the best and highest spot! See how proud she looks…

Well, the Barred Rock missed out…she always does, as she is at the bottom of the totem poll. Instead she is busy making herself known as the top “chook” to the chicks…

action shot1

I tried to get some good action shots… : )

All the chicks run around and do this to each other…one will come up and face the other, and then there will be hackles up and flurrying and scurrying and running around and then quiet for awhile…and then it happens again. I really think they enjoy it, amongst themselves, that is. When the big hens get into it, the chicks all go running back into their coop.

The pullets hang out nicely together closer to their coop…


All except for Mona…


She doesn’t like to come out at all. I’m calling her Mona, because one day she stayed inside all by herself taking a dust bath, and when I walked up to her to see if she was OK, she made little moaning sounds.

One more thing…one of importance I would suspect in a chicken environment… the cockerel (seen in the action photo above) stood gallantly up and let out his first crow…which sounded much more like “GAWK” than “Cock-a doodle-do”. I think he surprised himself and the others, who all quickly ran back into their coop.

Like I said…lots of fun and games…

Here’s another fuzzy picture that I just think is cool…

fuzzy image

Don’t forget…this is the last day for the…

Folksy Chicken Giveaway

Folky Chicken 3

I’m excited to see who won…thank you all for all the compliments! I’ll let you know the winner tomorrow. : )

9 thoughts on “Three Cheers for the Marans Gang

  1. The introduction of new birds to the existing flock seems to moving pretty smooth. Looks you you have more space than I do, and a rooster, both make this task easier! Not fair! ha ha


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