Surprise in the Hen House : )

Yesterday, I just happened to look in the nesting boxes and the same old wooden eggs were sitting there… everything the same since the day we put the straw in…It’s been almost 3 months since we bought these hens and not one egg. I even sing to them and ask them kindly if they won’t just lay one little egg for me…

Then I noticed one of the nesting boxes looked different.  The wooden eggs had been pushed to the front and the straw shoved over to the sides leaving a bare circle of wood in the center…

IMG_5434 copy

Today the weather has warmed up a bit and I really needed to clean up the chicks’ coop. I’m down there with the wheel barrow shoveling all the “ick n poop” out of the coop…chicks flying around playing pecking order games in the sunshine…pine shavings fluttering in the air everywhere…

Finishing up with a dusting of diatomaceous earth, I took a peek in the hen’s coop and what to my wondering eyes do I behold?

I thought the wooden eggs were light brown???  Let’s see…I put 4 in there and there are 6!  Wow! Unbelievable…our first 2 eggs!!!


And they are big!!!  : )

14 thoughts on “Surprise in the Hen House : )

  1. Not that eggs would stay around your house for very long…but if you don’t wash them till just before you use them they will keep longer. The bloom that they are covered in is a preservative. It seals the egg, even if they egg is covered in the ick-n-poop the egg is still sealed.


    • That’s funny! I wondered if anyone would notice that I washed the eggs and comment on it. You are so observant! I do remember that you told us they will keep a long time if you don’t wash them. Actually these weren’t dirty at all…I just washed them for the pic… 🙂


  2. Big and beautiful. There is nothing quite like those first eggs but collecting eggs each day is always such a treat and I find myself thanking whoever it was that laid them as I collect them. 🙂


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