A Dozen Eggs

I realized today that I have achieved one of the goals I set out to do…and that really encouraged me. So many times it seems like goals are unreachable, but the way to go about it is little by little, one step at a time and all of a sudden you realize you’ve done it!

A dozen eggs…

one dozen

Notice the coppery colored eggs to the right?  That was my goal to have those beautiful dark brown coppery chocolate colored eggs…

Chocolate Brown Eggs or Blue, or Both?

Now I know that these eggs can be a lot darker, but here is a comparison to the eggs that I had this morning from our local farmer…

one dozen 2

You can definitely see how much darker they are. Not that there is any nutritional difference as far as the color goes… : )

These eggs are Mara’s eggs and she gave us 5 eggs in 6 days, more than any of the other hens. The beautiful spotted eggs are from the Welsummer sisters. There is a chart that rates the color of Marans’ eggs. I think from 1-9  and they need to be at least a 4.  I think Mara is laying a 3 or 4…

one dozen 3

Now to get some blue ones… 🙂


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