Free Range or Pasture Raised and Which Rooster?

I love seeing the hens becoming real free range foragers…


They are just so happy digging down into all those leaves, and we have plenty for them to scrounge up whatever bugs they can find beneath them. We finally had a good rain, so maybe they will even find a few earthworms here and  there.

One interesting note… It is no longer good to call your hens free-range, the word now is pasture raised. You might enjoy reading this article, “Decoding the Terms: Cage Free,  Free Range and Pasture Raised Eggs” at Living Homegrown

I’m loving the bright  red crowns, now that the hens are laying…They just look stunning.

Attila the Hen

Attila the Hen





My next project is to sell 3 roosters of the 5 that I have. I’ve tried to give the roosters away several times to no avail, so my next option is to try and sell them.

This is one that is a keeper…

Marans Rooster 2 From everything I’ve read he has the marks of a great Black Copper Marans…maybe I should name him Copper. Here’s a head shot…

Marans Rooster

This next one is an example of one that I am not going to keep…

Marans Rooster 3

I may be wrong, but  I think from what I’ve read, he shouldn’t have the copper feathers going down his chest and his comb seems a little small for a rooster. The other rooster that I think is a keeper is all black, which I think is very rare, especially with the feathers on the legs. Anyway, I hope I’m making the right choice.

I also took a picture of  the heater in the chicks’ coop. I got the idea from another blog and it works great…

coop heater

That’s what is happening here now…Yesterday it was 70 degrees…tonight we are expecting snow. Tomorrow morning I will probably have to break up the ice on the waterers. I haven’t figured out what to do about that yet.


One more blurry picture that I think is cool …

I think I like these blurry pics, because this is what things look like to me without my glasses.  : )     No, not really…my eyes aren’t quite this bad. ; )

Barred Rock

The Barred Rock is looking out over the creek that is about 6 feet down from where she is perched. She is definitely an adventuress.


11 thoughts on “Free Range or Pasture Raised and Which Rooster?

  1. Hey, I post about that heater in the coop would be really appreciated! I’m dealing with cold weather and looking for answers. Everything was frozen this morning, 22 degrees and I have two birds with hardly any feathers. Actually today I’m clearing out the tack room and turning it into a chicken coop. Guess my brooder lamp in there will do for now. Also, I want that painting… send me your address. 🙂


    • Woohoo! I’m thrilled for you to have my painting! 🙂

      I’ll try to find the post I saw with the terra cotta heaters and do a post for you. And…I’m excited about your tack room. I hope you post pictures.


      • It’s done… took all afternoon. I’ll post pictures tomorrow. Tonight I’ll be checking on them to see how they are adjusting to their new home. So far… peaceful. It will be nice to not have to worry about my two naked hens freezing to death in this cold snap. Don’t think I’ll even need the heat lamp, it’s probably warm enough now that they’re inside a building. I got this cool thermometer for their wall even… fun day!


          • This morning… 21, in the desert! OMG! We are soooo not used to weather like this. One thing though, I now better understand other chicken keepers concerns for their birds in inclement weather. I must admit, my birds don’t seem to mind the cold… just like all I read. lol


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