Terra Cotta Heater for Coops

Yesterday I posted a picture of the terra cotta heater in the chick coop. I saw this idea on someone’s blog and I’ve searched for it and can’t find it, but it works fabulously as a little heater and also as a little light, especially when you are trying to get young chicks to come up into their coop for the night. I turn it on when I know it is going to be below freezing.

coop heater

The lamp we used to have in the coop was a simple clamp light with an aluminum reflector…


This worked great when the chicks were little, but when they got older it was too much. I took it apart which was very easy…Hey, if I can do this anyone can… and then tried to fit the light bulb receptacle into the hole in the bottom of a 10″ terra cotta pot I had. It didn’t fit. So the first idea that popped into my head was to file the hole just a little until the receptacle fit. I grabbed an old metal rasp from my husband’s toolbench that looked something like this…


It just happened to fit nicely in the hole and I commenced to carefully grind around and around until the receptacle fit in the hole. I screwed the light bulb in and set the pot on two bricks. The pot is low enough that the chicks can’t get under it, and the bulb is high enough to not burn anything. I think it’s a great idea…

Here’s another idea I saw when searching for the original post …


You can find this posted at Backyard Chickens . This would work as a great water heater, too. There is a comment under this man’s post warning about coop fires, the one who is warning also shares what he does. But  for me, this works great!

I hope that explains it well enough. If not, ask away. 🙂


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