Good Morning, Mr. Rooster :)

My grandson watches a little video when he visits me with a little catchy song called Good Morning, Mr. Rooster that goes like this…

Good morning

Good morning

Good morning to you

Good morning, Mr. Rooster

Cock a doodle doo

I’ll share the video at the end of this post…but all this to say that after he visits I have this tune running in my head in the morning, especially when I see my beautiful orange colored yoked eggs…


This is truly what raising our own chickens is all about having super nutrient rich healthy food.  I bought a new kind of feed from our co-op last month called Scratch and Peck

Scratch and Peck

All of their animal feed products are 100% Soy Free and Non-GMO!  You can visit their site at Scratch and Peck.

And over at Home Farm Ideas there is a Scratch and Peck Feed Giveaway…  🙂

Have a great day everyone!!!

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