Vertical Pallet Gardening

A whole new world is opening up to me…Wow!  Maybe I’m just way behind the times or something… Last December  a  fellow blogger  introduced me to vertical pallet gardens using  succulents.

flickr wall

Flickr photo by Lindsey:

Isn’t that beautiful?  You can see her post here at My West Coast Garden. I thought these gardens were gorgeous, and I was really intrigued by  the idea of recycling old pallets.

This morning I was checking the weather on the Weather Channel and saw a video about making vertical flower gardens and it dawned on me …why not vertical vegetable gardens???

Where have I been? When I googled this…and looked at images, it looks like everyone is doing it…What a great idea!

So, in case you are a little bit behind the times like me 🙂 …here are some wonderful sites I found…


Volume 25


One Hundred Dollars a Month

The video I watched this morning  said to keep the pallet horizontal for about 3 weeks after planting, before you place it vertically. I can imagine it could be a bit scary placing it up right, but obviously it works.

This next picture is an excellent way to save space using pallets…


And here is a great  link at One Hundred Dollars a Month showing exactly how it is done…


Another great how to post over at Life on the Balcony


What great ideas!!! And there are many, many more… I’m really excited about this…Anyone else interested in trying a vertical pallet garden this year?


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