Chickens Devour Scorpions?

Last year we not only had scorpions in our mailbox, but I caught 4 or 5 on sticky traps inside our house. I can’t tell you how elated I was to read this article from Natural News that stated “chickens devour scorpions“. It absolutely jumped out of the page at me!!! I’m just loving these sweet little creatures more and more…the chickens, I mean…

In case your wonderful courageous and daring chickens get stung by a scorpion, there is some great advice over at Chicken Scratch Ranch. It’s good to know that they may be down for a few days, but will recover.  Scorpions in our area of the country are about as harmful as wasps. They are not deadly, but they sure look like they could be.

Speaking of devouring, my hens love…love…love scraps of leftover meat and fat!

Feeding 1

They get so excited when I bring the white tray down filled with their favorite treat that they can’t run fast enough to greet me…


And every time I put the tray down the Barred Rock gets in it…


She’s the only one who does this…all the others stand around and look at each other…I can just hear them saying…” How rude!”


Mara is usually the first one to take care of this…look at her expression…she is the one on the right…


Mara is getting ready to peck  and  the Barred Rock gets pecked out of the tray and far away from them all…


She goes into a corner and pouts…seriously!


But I can’t say she doesn’t deserve it. They wouldn’t even let her up on the roost that night…poor hen-pecked thing…I wonder if she learned her lesson?

Back to the article at Natural News…he recommends using Oregano Oil instead of antibiotics to keep your flock healthy. If you are interested you can read the article  at Natural News .

And as far as using natural supplements…I have not used medicated food with my chicks, but I did put colloidal silver in their water for several weeks when I first got them and I also sprinkle DE in the coops every so often. Another natural thing I have done is put a little Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar in their water occasionally.  Scratch and Peck Feeds has a great article about the uses of vinegar.

Until next time…


11 thoughts on “Chickens Devour Scorpions?

    • She is still in the “dog house”. Last night when I went to close up the coop, she was over in the far corner on the floor opposite of where the others are roosting. Not sure what I can do about this???


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