Another Surprise in the Barn

My husband asked me the other day, if I thought all 6 hens were laying. It was the day we got zero eggs. The day after that I got 5 eggs and I very excitedly told him that this meant all 6 hens were laying, because Mara’s lovely dark brown copper egg was not in the bunch.

This morning we took off for a nice long walk at the nearby lake and on the way home, I remembered to ask my husband if he would look at the water spigot that I use to fill the chicken waterers…

He’s such a great guy, by the way, and very observant and as he was inspecting the spigot situation he found this…


Hidden behind hay bales in the barn…a nest of 8 eggs.

As he began to pick up the eggs, Hendrika showed up and started making such a fuss about us finding the eggs.


At first I thought they were all hers, but on closer inspection, I think there are 3 different kinds. So my guess that for some reason they decided to lay over in the barn instead of in their nests.

The eggs were cold…There is no broody hen and I do not think any of the roosters are fertilizing yet.

So, how does one go about getting them to lay in the nesting boxes?

10 thoughts on “Another Surprise in the Barn

  1. Ha ha! That’s happened to me too, who knows why they change places but they do. I find if you disturb the place where they are laying they will go back to the old place. They like privacy and comfort, sometimes you have to put more effort in providing the perfect place. I stapled a piece of burlap over half the entry of their nesting area and that was enough to please them. πŸ™‚


  2. Dad always left the wooden eggs in the nests…that way it encouraged the hens to lay in the boxes and it gave the snakes something to eat that would kill them if they happened into the hen house.


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