It’s Been a Good Day

Got a lot done today, actually yesterday now…completely cleaned up the chicken coops. Put new organic feed in the feeders and water with a little Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar in the water…Chickens are happy and doing fine. We are getting 3 to 4 eggs a day.


I hauled two loads of pine shavings and chicken poop up to the compost pile. This is what our compost looks like…Wild isn’t it???

IMG_6255 copy

This is my husband’s menagerie of compost bins…He really knows how to make excellent compost! The tallest bins are old pickle barrels and then there are two black trash cans, all of which have holes punched in them for aeration and then we inherited the round one from the neighbor next door. He fills them with veggie scraps, grass clippings, manure, and hay and rolls them around. It goes a little slower in winter when it is cold…

The old dried up asparagus ferns needed cutting so I did that and also raked out the leaves from the bed…Can’t wait until we have fresh asparagus!


Inside the greenhouse, I weeded all the beds and picked a couple of handfuls of kale, and handful of spinach and then watered…I just don’t think the Brussels sprouts are ever going to produce…I think that perhaps the best thing to do next year is start them inside the air conditioned house under grow lights in the summer and then maybe they will have a head start in the fall when it’s not so hot. Starting a fall garden when it is 100 degrees outside is impossible, I think.


I transplanted some red lettuce that overwintered outside into the parsley patch… Our parsley has finally thinned itself out. There are not too many plants left.

red lettuce

I already noticed some of those little moths that were a problem last fall. So I need to go back and give everything a good dusting of DE.

Inside the house we set up the grow lights…

grow lights

This was just a 4 foot fluorescent shop light that costs about $18 at Lowe’s plus two 48″ plant and aquarium bulbs that were about $10 a piece. I will be making up another tray of seeds…

Went out to buy some blueberries and found these at Lowe’s for $10 a piece…


Got all this done yesterday and it snowed today…Yay! We have so much need for moisture here and this is really the first good snowfall all winter!


A little side trip…on our way to get blueberries we went to Cafe Evoke…Yum!


And to Sprouts where we saw the cutest recycled bags…Anyone remember this???    It will really tell your age…; )


For those of you too young to know Dick and Jane. They were the little characters in our first grade reading books back in the 50s.

Signing off again with one of my blurry photos. I can’t figure out why my camera does this…but I like these artsy blurs…

IMG_6257 copy

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