Working Before the Storm

I just love this website… Old World Garden Farms. I have been learning so much from them, such as putting in a spring cover crop. “Unheard of” was the attitude of the feed store owner to my husband when he asked about rye grass for a spring cover crop. He didn’t have any so we went ahead and bought clover, and I sowed it into my new pumpkin bed today. I’m excited to see how this works!

Today Old World Garden Farms had a wonderful article about Cutting Back, Dividing and Preparing Ornamental Grasses For Spring. The following picture shows the ornamental grasses behind their patio…just gorgeous and totally inspiring!


One of my sons was into landscaping a couple of years ago and planted some grasses and leftover plants from a job in our backyard still in the pots so he could use them for other jobs someday. He has moved away now and these ornamental grasses have been growing in the same pots sunk in the ground for years.  What I did today:  cut back the ornamental grasses, pulled them out of the pots, divided them and replanted them. These pictures are not pretty, but we are going to see how they progressively look better as I work on them this year.


I divided 3 plants into 6…Here is what it looks like from a distance…

grasses 2 copy

For years we have talked about putting a gazebo up…now I’m definitely inspired to do just that. So this is the “before” pic. 🙂 Hopefully my “after” pic will look as pretty as Old World Garden Farms.

I also worked over  in the greenhouse. Spread compost in all the beds and then put DE over all the veggies. It was 90 degrees in the greenhouse and 60 outside, but we are expecting a storm…rain tomorrow and maybe snow the next day. I say “bring it on”! We need all the moisture we can get.

Sarah used some spinach and pansies from the greenhouse to decorate the tomato salad that she served this evening with lentil soup and rice.


We’ve been buying hydroponic tomatoes from Urban Agrarian. I like supporting these guys. They are located down at the old OKC Farmer’s Market.

Another project in the making is turning our backyard into a fruit and vegetable garden. Here is what it looks like today…another “before” pic…

backyard copy

Pretty boring…Anna and I have big plans. 🙂

OK, now for the weekly update on the grow lights…

grow lights

Looking good…So, how’s your garden coming along?

5 thoughts on “Working Before the Storm

  1. You’ve been industrious! Liz texted me to say that you guys are getting hit by a blizzard. I said, !!!!! and she called me ditzy. Ha! I know I get that storm-love from my parents….and I’m so glad!


  2. I love ornamental grass, looking forward to seeing your progress with the new garden beds! You are so lucky to have local tomatoes, most of our stores are importing them from Mexico, I havent bought any for a while. Our local greenhouse doesnt start selling thiers till mid march..
    Your seedlings look great!


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