Garden Update

When Anna and I were sick we worked up a garden plan. We based it on what we learned watching the Back to Eden Film.  So, our garden now has new rows and  into the rows went 3 different kinds of Sugar Snap peas…2 different kinds of lettuce…2 different kinds of radishes…bok choy and spinach.

sowing copy

As you can see we are using a lot of mulch…The idea behind using a very thick layer of mulch is  keeping the moisture in the ground for the plants, and  breaking down into nutritious soil nutrients, as leaves and tree bark do naturally in nature.

Here is a view of our soon to be lettuce and pea patch…

sowing 2 copy

Kale from the greenhouse…


Tomatoes are coming right along under the grow lights…


And so are the peppers and other miscellaneous veggies…


This last week we trapped a skunk and a very large raccoon down by the chicken coops.  So glad they didn’t get the chickens! If this happens again I will try and get a picture…

Out in the backyard we started the new bed for the blueberries and strawberries.


I need to hurry up and buy a few more blueberry plants. The ones I have are blooming because they are sitting by the grow lights…


And one last thing…look what I found under a piece of flagstone…


Love that brilliant yellow color, but it is probably supposed to be green. I’m glad I moved the rock so it can grow into what it is supposed to be.  I forgot what I planted there, so it will be a surprise. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Keep a close eye on your young birds…something has been snatching my young ones. I have to check in the morning but I am pretty sure I am down to only two marans hens. Which means that something has snatched 9 of my marans. I am working on building a “supermax” and they are going into lock down till I can figure out what is snatching them.


    • Oh…I am so sorry!!! Something got 30 of Brian’s chickens not too long ago. He said they got them at dusk. Do you have any traps? We have two down by the coop. I have seen hawks flying around, but the crows are usually going after them. I’m really liking crows right now. So sorry, Shane, I hope you find the culprit!


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