What a great idea!!!

My West Coast Garden

March 2013 024

It’s that time of year, actually, the earliest that I’ve planted potatoes and I’m trying something different …These take up a lot of room in the raised beds and crop rotation is proving to be a bit of a challenge, so I’m growing them in pots…Inspired by another blogger, check it out here

March 2013 012

As usual I am throwing my own twist into a recipe…Christina uses “Seasoil potting mix” I didn’t want to purchase the prepared smaller bags so..I’m making my own …We bought a yard of “100% organic Seasoil”. Yes… much easier and afforadable with your own dumptruck..we are lucky to have that..

Its been raining, so  this was  a very  heavy wet load…

I preapred the 10 gal. pots( make sure your pots are deep enough 16in or more) using some old straw that I had pulled from the raised beds to cover the drainage holes, this will add light weight drainage and hopefully…

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