Aaaaaaaphids!!! …

I can’t tell you how much I hate bugs. Aphids are little, but let me tell you, there were hundreds, no thousands, all over my kale this morning…


It has been really warm the past few days…warm enough for these guys to multiply rapidly. I made up some dish soap, oil and water solution and pulled out all the infected plants, dug up any bugs I could see on the soil and sprayed…sprayed…sprayed…

How to Make a Home Remedy to Get Rid of Aphids

The greenhouse now…so sad… 😦

sad copy

But we still have pansies…


I took all the aphids and grubs I dug up out of the greenhouse and wheel-barrowed them down to the coop… The chickens ran up to me all excited like they always are when they think I’m bringing a treat…

running copy

They wouldn’t touch the goodies I brought them…

Oh, well…they are good at laying eggs…


Just love the coppery color of these Marans eggs!


8 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaphids!!! …

  1. lovely post, do you know I love the plant hydranga, every time I plant it even if I get a large one the bugs and slugs gobble it up! I’ve taken to growing in pots these days. x (p.s give your gorgeous granddaughter a hug from us here and i still haven’t forgotton to post you something soon!) xxxxxx


  2. Yes , I do hate those aphids too, they just go nuts on kale …yuck! Your pansies still look great as do youir chickens & eggs! 🙂 Funny the chickens didnt like your treats…go figure ..


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