After Copper’s encounter with the coyote, I began to survey the area around the chicken coops. I tramped back into the woods  searching for the little Welsummer hen, or her brown feathers, and while I was investigating some crows started making a lot of noise in a large old tree about a 100 feet from the coop.

I’m loving crows right now. They alert the chickens every time a hawk comes by. And this evening the crows were dive bombing an owl that has her nest about 30 feet up in the crook of 2 large branches.

owl 1

Yes…she is a Great Horned Owl. While the crows persisted in their dive-bombing and cawing, the owl just sat there unwavering, as if it was no big deal. High above I noticed a hawk circling…you know here in Oklahoma the hawks make lazy circles in the sky.

OOOOk-lahoma, Ev’ry night my honey lamb and I, Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk makin’ lazy circles in the sky.

Here’s an Oklahoma hawk…


I stood there and watched as the hawk lit on one of the branches near the owl and then dive-bombed one of the crows. Unbelievable!

Later on in the evening when it was quiet, the owl rose up out of her nest…


And flew off. And then a white fuzzy thing appeared…

baby owlA baby owlet…

Here’s another view…

baby owl 2

This morning when I went down to open up the chicken coops, I checked in on the owls.  Mama and baby were sitting together…

owl and baby

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