Culprit #1

Here is the first culprit to get caught in our trap…


But I don’t think he is the one who ate the hen and scared the rooster to death.  I think racoons do most of their hunting at night and he isn’t big enough, I don’t think, to carry a big rooster, like Copper was…and… racoons leave tracks. There were no visible tracks.

The traps are still set and we are still waiting. In the meantime I did a total spring cleaning on the big coop today and all the chickens are going into it tonight. I hope this won’t be as hard as I think it is going to be…

We have been sitting in the meadow watching the owls while the chickens forage around us…


Every evening I still have been on the alert…I don’t want to lose another hen…


Or the rooster…


8 thoughts on “Culprit #1

  1. Raccoon in cage — looks familiar. Those raccoons are rascally buggers. We’ve lost chickens to them before. You’d be surprised at what they can do. Usually they eat the head and then come back the next night for the rest. That’s usually how you know if it’s a raccoon. Body with no head. Gruesome.


    • That is gruesome, but it also confirms what I’ve been thinking that it’s not a raccoon, because the one that got the rooster went for the tail feathers…plucked them all out. Hope we catch whatever it is soon.


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