Tomatoes and Potatoes

Went to the nearest family owned greenhouse and bought 30+ tomato plants to replace the ones that froze…

Tomatoes 4 copy

While replacing them in our new tomato bed, I noticed some bermuda grass coming up through all the newspaper and compost and mulch we had generously piled up to suffocate any weeds or grass from growing.  We hadn’t planted the peppers yet, so while Anna was digging she realized the bermuda was thriving under the mulch. After raking back the mulch this is what we saw…

saving tomatoes 2

This method wasn’t working! We decided to put some landscape cloth down and cover it up again with mulch…

saving tomaotes 3

I hope this will work much better!

The most beautiful thing in my garden right now are the potatoes in the big black pots

potato 2

There is no question in my mind that this is the way to grow potatoes. Check out the ones I grew outside in the same soil that I put in the pots…


They are just beginning to come up and some of them had a little freeze damage. It must be the warmth in the greenhouse that makes the difference.

4 thoughts on “Tomatoes and Potatoes

  1. Sorry to hear about losing your tomatoes, how frustrating! Your potatoes look amazing! I’ll post some pictures of mine soon, they aren’t as big as yours. Are you topping them up with more soil?


    • I do need to top them with soil. I’ll be doing that in the next couple of days. I’m so thankful, Thelma, for you sharing this. Obviously, they are thriving in the pots. I’m excited to see the outcome.


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