Of Puddle Reflections and Mud Boots

We had a huge storm last night…lots of thunder and lightning and HAIL. I wondered if my tomato plants would make it…They did!

Tomato hail

What I really want to blog about is the puddle reflections I saw on my way down to the coop this morning…

puddle 1

A little closer…

puddle 2

How often does one stop and consider the puddle?

puddle 3

Each one reflects differently…

puddle 4

Take a look at this one…It looks like there are weeds growing in the volleyball court…

puddle 5

One more… 🙂

puddle 6

I enjoyed all this reflective beauty with my new $15.00 Stone Creek mud boots from Academy…

mud boots

I loved my Chookas, but they just didn’t hold up to the wear and tear of gardening and mucking. These new boots seem much stronger and the price is so right. 🙂

Remember to stop and reflect on what your puddles have to say…


Have a great day!


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