Mr. Knightly Who Turns into Mr. Knaughty

It happens all the time. A nice gentle man who seemingly appears quite loveable and honest gets into a power position and becomes the opposite. This is what happened to Mr. Knightly when the head rooster Copper died, and he took over the position of top roo.


I went down to the coop carrying the well-known tray of treats. This time is was full of the cut tops of strawberries from our yummy pancake breakfast.  The chickens were all hanging out half way between the house and the coop, so they joined me to walk to the coop where I always put the tray down.


What was that? I looked behind me clueless, and just figured maybe a branch had fallen on me. I walked a little further …

WHOP!!! OUCH!!!  It was Mr. Knaughty Knightly! He just attacked me from behind and stuck one of his claws into my leg!


I knew I had to do something immediately to show who is boss. I threw the tray at him, scattering the strawberries all over the driveway. And he had the nerve to go pick one up and start munching on it! I picked up the tray again and threw it at him, and I think he got the message and ran away from me.

I was shaking. I was stunned…This nice gentlemanly rooster had turned into a tyrant! I’m giving him one more chance and in the meantime I’m carrying around a big long stick for protection.

I put hydrogen peroxide on the purplish-red jab mark and then topped it with some Thieves oil. I think it will be fine.

Now the other situation…

Miss Emma copy

Miss Emma Broody Hen is in the cage up on concrete blocks as many of you had suggested. But at night I let her out so she can go into the coop and be protected. After seeing what the coon did to that metal cage, I just can not leave her just in that cage for the night. I hope I’m not wrong about this…what do you think?

I’ve only been getting 2-3 eggs a day, instead of the usual 5-6. Can’t figure what is the matter with the rest of the hens.

And the owl situation…

That cute little baby owl is now out of the nest and hanging out in a tree closer to the coop…you know…just in eye view of the chickens…


Let me give you a better dimension of this…

owl chickens

Along with the hawks that circle overhead in the daytime…you would think we were preparing a wildlife dinner table.

That’s all for now. I’m leaving town for a couple of days…Will there be chickens when I return?


15 thoughts on “Mr. Knightly Who Turns into Mr. Knaughty

  1. I still can’t believe he did that to you! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you…how could he be so awful to you…his mighty protector???


      • We did what you did, threw something at him. Our rooster went a bit crazy after the other rooster died and he really had it out for my Dad! Guess he wanted to be the alpha male!? 😉 He would attack so badly that he started breaking the skin of his victims. I came to the conclusion that he could sense the fear in us kids and finally got to a place where he wouldn’t charge at me by carrying a large stick and raising my voice when I was around him. But he never fully learned his lesson and we ended up getting rid of him.

        Some acquaintances kept their rooster caged continually… I always wondered why until we had our own! 🙂


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