What’s New at Our Place


Yes…behind the chicken wire…baby chicks, you guessed it!

chicks 2

These are my future blue egg layers from Chicken Scratch Poultry. After waiting for months for them to arrive they came in when I was out of town for a few days, wouldn’t you know it…

Shipped Tuesday, they didn’t arrive until Friday. At the post office they were all alive, since then we have lost 5.  I think they should have arrived sooner, but what is one to do?

They are now almost 2 weeks old and my fellow chicken raiser, Sarah, has been taking care of them. It was really warm today, so she talked her dad into making a little run that they could have fun in…

chicken run

Some baby cardinals have hatched and are all snuggled up in their nest outside our living room window…

card copy

Here’s some new finds and really good deals from T J Maxx in my very favorite colors of the moment…


A perfect place to store your beautiful farm fresh eggs…

Another great deal at the same store…


You could use this nifty tray for all kinds of things. I’m using mine to store our knitting projects…


And another…


I love ceramic birds…

So you might want to run to your nearest TJ Maxx and see what deals you can find.

When I’m out of town visiting my mom we always go shopping. It’s her favorite thing to do. That and going to have coffee. While I was there we stopped in at the Whimzee Glass studio and I bought this beautiful stained glass ornament for the yard…



You just have to meet my mom… she will be 94 next month and swims laps at the local pool 3 times a week…and she loves gardening and flowers…and coffee, of course…


My mom has gorgeous peonies, so I took some pictures of them and I’m painting peonies for awhile…Here’s one of my newest paintings…

peony 3

More at my blog a little corner of the artist in me

Hope you all have a wonderful week…


Just couldn’t help myself…I think this picture of grandpa and grandson is so cute…hand in hand… and did you notice they both have Keen sandals on…They’re going to do grandson’s favorite thing in the whole world… ride the tractor. 🙂

14 thoughts on “What’s New at Our Place

    • Thanks. There were two more at the store in Arkansas in different colors. I should ask Sage to see if they are still there.

      Yes, my mom is really inspiring…she would tell you her secret is just to keep going. 🙂


  1. Sorry about the loss of your baby chicks, hope fully the others will give you loads of Blue Eggs to match that cool Egg holder!
    Your Mom looks fabulous and so fit ! Love your painting and all of your pictures! 🙂


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