A Little of the First Harvests

Here it is almost June…it is just starting to warm up and get muggy. The weather has really influenced the garden. We are just now harvesting the very first peas…


Lettuce, parsley, cilantro, spinach, asparagus, peas and radishes…very disappointed in the radishes this year. They usually never fail me, but they are going to seed and not producing, I think it must be the weather….my dwarf Bok Choy did the same thing.

Ever seen red lettuce go to seed?

IMG_7309Or parsley?


I’m hoping these two will reseed themselves in the same bed. They look so fabulous together…the deep red and the bright green.

Basil seeds sprouting…


Oh, and lavender…


I’m really excited about this lavender bush…I’ve had it for 3 years…It survived 2 years ofΒ  drought and now it is full of spikes that will blossom.

Moved the potatoes outside the greenhouse…


Still comparing them to the ones in the row outside…


The final analysis will be the potatoes, of course.

Eggplant that was transplanted in the greenhouse is finally taking off…


Love a hint of color amidst all that is green…


11 thoughts on “A Little of the First Harvests

  1. It all looks amazing! What a difference between potatoes in pots and in the ground!
    Its been a weird year for weather, we have more things bolting too 😦


  2. Looks good! We are so far behind here–weather wise. Suppose to be humid and warm today–bring it on! But, I’m still wearing a sweater!!!
    I have that same Peaches and Cream Nasturtium–love the leaf.


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