Gotta’ love them…

Looking back in time I planted a spring clover cover crop to turnover and plant the pumpkins in. It took along time to come up, but here it is now ready to be tilled…


The bermuda is so prolific in these here parts that covering it with newspaper, landscape cloth and 6 inches of mulch didn’t deter it. In fact it seemed to thrive. So gardener daughter Anna covered all around the tomatoes with cardboard. It still peeped through…


So now I picked out most of the bermuda and put 6 -8Β  inches of hay over the whole bed…


Baby Ameraucana chicks have a new nursery…



It’s in the old chick coop that was built in the stall. The window panel in the front gives them more light during the day and can be taken out at night and the big door closed for their protection.


We are getting 3-4 eggs a day from the Marans hens. Ever since the rooster Copper was killed and the broody hen fiasco, the older hens have stopped laying. Or they are laying somewhere else and I can’t find the eggs.Β  Here they are having an afternoon snack. We have not had any sign of the coyote, and have not trapped any other critters. So far…so good.



9 thoughts on “June…

  1. The daylily and tomato beds look great! It’ll be interesting to see how your pumpkin’s do after tilling in the clover..
    Your baby chicks are really cute πŸ™‚


    • Thanks…yes, it seems we are getting the pumpkins in late, but this has been such a strange year. All in all, though, I have really enjoyed the cooler weather down here in the south this year. πŸ™‚


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