Follow Up on “My Mistake…or Not?”

Thanks to all of you for all the wonderful encouragement you gave me… I appreciate you all so much!!!

A week has gone by and things are settling down here a bit. There is a lot more work for me to do, and I just ran out of layer feed, but we are getting more today through the coop pick-up that comes once a month, so perfect timing.

I’m feeling a little sorry for the quarantined hens…even though they are looking so much better, they are cooped up, and I know they just can’t wait to get out and be free again. It is hard for me to get good photos right now, but here are a few BEFORE pics…


The white one now looks white, and there is a bit of a sheen coming to her feathers. When she arrived she was Oklahoma dirt orange. : )

The dark one to the right is the one that is missing a lot of feathers, and the coppery brown to the left is the nicest looking and I’m thinking may be an Easter egger. I’ve been getting 2 green eggs a day, so they could be from this one and one that is a little darker than her, but not visible in the picture.

An Easter egger? What do  you think?


This is a closer shot of the dark one with the missing feathers…


This next one looks like a mix of some kind…


I have sprinkled DE all over the coop and on the hens.  I put a fresh layer of pine shavings over the whole floor. They totally mess up their water and their feeder and get it so dirty that I’m thinking it has something to do with being cooped up like they are.

The little Ameraucana chicks love having all the grass to eat in their new temporary dog house converted to coop and run. I’ve been moving their run around every other day and I can’t believe how excited they get when there is new grass and clover. They are growing so rapidly now.


I love the gray color in some of these chicks…


So far, so good…no sick hens or chicks that I can see, but we are only one week into this…

9 thoughts on “Follow Up on “My Mistake…or Not?”

    • Thanks…I’m not familiar with many breeds at all. Years ago we had Rhode Island Reds and that was what we stuck with. After looking at them today those two coppery ones are really looking good. Amy, I am really trying to keep them quarantined, but do you think 2 weeks would be enough? They sure are aching to get out and do some foraging.


      • Yes, I would consider them healthy after two weeks. They look good, just that one pecked on hen is a bit haggard… but you’ll probably have more of that when introduced to new birds anyway. Just a reminder, size matters in the chicken world, the adult hens will dominate and possibly injure your smaller or young birds. Make sure there’s lots of space when you introduce new birds so the weaker birds can get away. Put out food and water in two or three places, this will lessen the drama around the feeding areas. Good luck, hope the transition is smooth.


        • I’ve read this before and I will read it again. Thanks so much for sending the link.

          The little Ameraucanas are not ready to merge with the others, but the older hens love hanging out near them in their temporary dog house/run. We are liking the idea more and more of the moveable coop and run, since we’ve noticed how excited the chicks get when they’re moved to a new patch of grass. This whole fiasco may have been a very good learning experience after all. 🙂


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